what foods boosts testosterone

what foods boosts testosterone?

An important male sex hormone named testosterone performs a lot of important functions in the human body like muscle and bone growth, sperm production and hair growth etc.

But the levels of testosterone decreases with aging as well as due to a lot of physical ailments like hypogonadism also called low testosterone treated medically to prevent future health problems.

By consuming a well-balanced nutrient-rich diet overall balancing of hormones is very important to manage testosterone levels.

To achieve good testosterone levels mindful intake of foods containing hormones such as phytoestrogens is recommended.

Some studies also support this fact.

There are a lot of natural foods that really improve the level of testosterone everybody should consume.

Vitamin D and Zinc are the two very important nutrients that are necessary for making testosterone or these are called precursors for making testosterone.

Best testosterone boosting foods…

1. Beans…

Legumes like chickpeas, baked beans and lentils are very good sources of zinc that really boost the production of testosterone and also contain a lot of fibre and plant-based protein which also protects the health of your heart.

2. Shellfish…

Some kinds of seafood like shellfish, lobster or crab also have a good quantity of zinc that really boosts the levels of testosterone in the body.what foods boosts testosterone

in just a 3 ounce serving an Alaskan king crab fulfils your 43% of daily need of zinc said by the National Institutes of health.

3. Beef…

Beef liver contains a good amount of Vitamin D as well as zinc that really boost production of testosterone but overconsumption of red meat like beef is associated with a lot of other health risks so avoid eating it daily.

4. Oysters… 

Zinc is a very important mineral for the production of testosterone and oysters contain a lot of zinc so eating it really boosts the levels of testosterone.

5. Egg yolks…

what foods boosts testosterone

Egg yolk contains a lot of nutrients as compared to egg white and is also a good source of vitamin D that is very important for the production of testosterone.

6. Fortified cereals…

These cereals also have a good source of vitamin D and other important micronutrients that are really necessary for improvement in low testosterone levels.

Everybody can eat these types of items in their breakfast.

7. Low-fat milk fortified with vitamin D…what foods boosts testosterone

Milk contains a lot of important nutrients as well as a Good quantity of protein for overall health.

It also contains a lot of calcium and Vitamin D which is very good for bone health.

You should consume low-fat milk fortified with Vitamin D every day to improve low testosterone levels.

Low-fat milk contains all the important nutrients as whole milk without saturated fat that is not good for heart health.

8. Tuna…

Tuna is low calorie, heart-healthy,  protein-rich food that contains a good quality of Vitamin D that really increases the levels of low testosterone.

You can boost your testosterone level by eating this fish.

You can choose it fresh or canned.

Salmon and Sardines also have a Good quantity of Vitamin D. You can eat these types of fish if Tuna is not available.

A single serving of Tuna fulfils the daily needs of Vitamin D.


By consuming a well-balanced nutrient-rich diet you can improve your testosterone levels but if the cause of low testosterone is any disease or condition like hypogonadism then you should consult with your doctor to treat it properly.

Your doctor may conduct a physical examination as well as a blood test to diagnose the actual cause of low testosterone.

After diagnosing the proper cause your doctor treats you with testosterone replacement supplements, tablets,  injection, skin patches or topical gel etc.


The content of this article is not intended as an alternative to professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Always seek medical advice for any questions regarding the medical condition.
Do not attempt to treat yourself, your child, or anyone else without proper medical supervision.

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