uric acid food to avoid

uric acid food to avoid

What is Uric Acid Actually?

Uric acid food to avoid firstly understand that uric acid is a kind of waste chemical substance that is normally formed in our body every second,

And our kidneys remove this useless chemical substance from the body through urine,

Some amount of it is also excreted from the body through feces,

It is a type of organic compound that predominantly consists of elements such as nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen.
And C5H4N4O3 is its molecular formula and 168 daltons molecular weight,

Uric acid is a common chemical produced in the body, which is produced by our body on its own,
And some food keeps reaching our body,
It moves through the blood throughout the body and,
In the end, it is properly balanced by the kidneys and thrown out through the urine.

How is uric acid made in the body?

Uric acid is formed in our body due to a chemical name purine. Purine is formed due to dead cells in the body and,
Purine reaches our body by some special type of diet and uric acid is formed after the metabolism of purine.

What should be the normal amount of uric acid?

Our blood sample is taken to check the normal amount of uric acid,

And in that, it becomes clear that what is its level in our blood,

In men, uric acid is slightly higher than in women, its normal level is as follows…

An amount more than 7 mg/dl  in men, 
An increase of uric acid is considered to be higher in women when the amount is higher than 6 mg/dl.

Why does uric acid (hyperuricemia) increase?

There are many reasons behind the increase of uric acid in our body,
But the main thing to understand is that uric acid can increase in two types of conditions,
One situation is that if uric acid is producing more in the body due to any reason, then its level will increase in the blood,
In the second case, if uric acid is formed in our body is normal,

Due to any reason, our kidneys are not releasing uric acid out of the body, even then the level of uric acid will increase in the blood,

So to understand the reason for the increase of uric acid, first of all,

We have to understand the first situation of increasing uric acid, what are the reasons that cause it to increase in our body,

The main reasons for this are …

1. Consuming a diet with a high amount of purine …

Purine is high in beer, wine, vodka, and many types of meat…

Red meat, which includes many types of fish such as shellfish, seafood, etc.

Apart from this, chicken, mutton, organs, etc,

If a person consumes these types of substances excessively,

So as more and more purine goes into his body, his uric acid starts increasing,

Nowadays, this is the most common reason for increasing uric acid in men,

apart from this…

Many types of pulses,
Green peas and full-fat milk or yogurt can also cause problems of uric acid.
2. Thyroid diseases …

There are two types of major thyroid disease, the first is hypothyroidism,
And the second is hyper-thyroid,

If a person suffers from any of these types of problems, then he may have hyperuricemia (an increase of uric acid).

3. Chemotherapy…

Nowadays it is common for many people to have problems with many types of cancer in which,
Many types of treatment such as chemotherapy are used, due to which,
Thousands of cells start dying in the body and uric acid starts increasing due to these dead cells,
Therefore chemotherapy is a major cause of increased uric acid in cancer patients.

4. Many types of cancer …

There are many types of cancers in which the number of cells in the body starts increasing rapidly,
This is why uric acid also starts to increase.

5. Diuretics: Consumption of medicines…

Due to excessive intake of such medicines, the amount of uric acid starts increasing in the body,

It mainly contains Loop or Thiazide diuretic drugs,

In addition to these medicines, many types of medicines that suppress immunity, such as …

Cyclosporine also increases uric acid, etc.

6. Obesity …

Uric acid also increases in those people who are overweight,
There are many reasons behind this such as an increase in Monosodium Urate etc.,
This is because people who are overweight also have high levels of insulin in their blood,
Thus, high levels of insulin is a major reason for increasing uric acid in the blood.

7. Hereditary causes …

In many people, genetic is also the main reason for increasing uric acid,
Apart from this, if for any reason you have any problem with the kidneys,

Even then uric acid starts increasing in the body like…

Acute or chronic renal failure, etc., of the kidneys.

What are the symptoms of increased uric acid?

Most people do not see any symptoms of increased uric acid,
Only one-third of people show signs of increasing uric acid, although increasing uric acid is not a disease.
Yes, if uric acid levels continue to increase in your blood, then
Due to this many types of complications can happen in your body, so it is very important to keep it at the normal level.

Major symptoms of hyperuricemia …

1. Gout …

Due to the increase of uric acid, this increased uric acid deposit in all joints of our body, especially in small joints like …

The toe joint begins to freeze in the beginning, due to which,

In addition to complaining of swelling and excessive pain in the joints,

Redness in the joints also begins to occur, in 20% cases of uric acid increase, this type of joint problems are seen,
In addition, increasing uric acid also leads to the problem of rheumatism.

2. Kidney problems …

If uric acid is constantly increased in the blood, then this increased uric acid begins to deposit in the kidneys,

Due to which many people have kidney stone problem which is very painful.

3. Hypertension …
Increasing uric acid can also cause hypertension in many people.

4. Coronary heart disease …

Increased uric acid can also cause coronary heart disease.

5. Formation of painful lumps (Tophi) …

Constantly increased uric acid collects in the tissues of our body to form lumps (Tophi),

Which are very painful and due to which the mobility of the joints is reduced considerably,

In addition, increased uric acid damages every part of our body,

And due to this, the risk of problems like diabetes, obesity increases even more.

How is uric acid surge treated?

Treatment of any disease depends on its root cause,
Therefore, it is important to first know that the person whose uric acid is increased,
There is no problem with any type of cancer, thyroid or excessive weight,

Or if there is no defect in his kidneys,

Thus, by diagnosing the root cause correctly, increased uric acid can be treated.

What is the treatment option for increased uric acid?

The most prominent option to treat uric acid is modern medical science, 
Apart from this, there are many such medicines in Ayurveda and Homeopathy which,
If consumed properly, the increased uric acid returns to normal levels,

Before adopting any medical option, the most important thing is that,

You have to follow your diet and healthy routine properly.

What should not be eaten when uric acid is high?

The patient of uric acid should take care that he should consume as much water as possible,
By doing this, more and more urine will come,

Due to which a lot of increased uric acid will clear from the body,

Along with this, if the patient with uric acid has any problem of kidney stones etc., it will also go away,
Therefore it is very important to consume liquids as much as possible.

1. Avoiding Beer and Alcohol…

uric acid food to avoid

The person whose uric acid increases should not consume any kind of alcohol, vodka, or beer,
We have seen thousands of patients who, despite eating many medicines, did not get well, the main reason for this was that,

They did not stop drinking alcohol,
So when any increased uric acid patient does not stop drinking alcohol or beer, he can’t be recovered.

2. Avoiding non-veg food items…

All non-vegetarian foods contain a high amount of element called purine to increase uric acid,

Therefore, uric acid patients need to stop all types of non-veg, especially red meat.

uric acid food to avoid
red meat

Chicken (purine in chicken is slightly less than the rest of the other nonveg diet)
Organ meats such as liver, kidney, heart, etc., as well,
It is very important to avoid the consumption of fish (Tuna, Herring, Haddock, Cod, Tourette), etc.

3. Avoiding Seafood …

uric acid food to avoid

Marine diet increased uric acid,
Many types of animals like…

Prawns etc., which are found in the sea,
Consuming them in the form of food also increases uric acid, therefore, such foods should not be consumed.

4. Other foods and vegetables that should not be eaten…



uric acid food to avoid
Avoid cold drinks

It is also important to reduce the intake of beans, etc.
Along with this, it is also important to avoid products like bread bakery, etc. in which yeast is used.
In addition to this, the patient with high uric acid…

Do not drink cold drinks,
Ice Cream,
high sugar,
Fructose corn syrup, etc., which contain excessive amounts of fructose sugar, should also be avoided,
Along with this, the intake of high-fat products like milk, curd, etc. should also be minimized,

Sprouted pulses should also be eaten sparingly,
Dry fruits (walnuts, almonds, etc.) can also be consumed in small amounts,
It should adopt a good lifestyle along with avoiding all,

Like exercising every day,
Do not consume alcohol,
Avoid smoking,
Doing yoga and meditation etc. to stay away from anxiety, excessive stress, etc.

Does whey protein increase uric acid?

Consuming limited amounts of whey protein does not increase uric acid,
Because whey protein is a very fast-digesting diet and any person can take it.

What should a person with high uric acid consume more?

uric acid food to avoid
fresh fruits

As mentioned above, the most important is water,
A person with high uric acid should drink as much water as possible in a day,
By doing this, he will also avoid the problem of kidney stones as well,
Increased uric acid will be released from the body through urine,
apart from this…

Olive oil,
Small amounts of food grains,
Eat fruits,
Vitamin C fruits like… orange, kiwi, lemon, etc.
Berries such as blueberries, blackberries,
Green tea
coconut water,
It is beneficial to consume wheatgrass juice etc.
Tea coffee is also not a problem but only consume in small quantities.

Apart from this, all types of fruits and fruit juices should be consumed by a person with hyperuricemia.

How is increased uric acid-treated in modern medical science?

Some of the main drugs for treating uric acid, which grew up in modern medical science, are

Which helps a lot in reducing uric acid as well as treatment based on symptoms like…

1. Use of painkillers…

uric acid food to avoid

Increased uric acid causes extreme joint pain,

For which the patient is given pain-relieving drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, etc.

By consuming them, the pain is reduced and the patient’s life becomes right,

But there is a problem in this, excessive intake of these types of medicines can cause many side effects on the body, so these medicines should be taken only after consulting with your doctor.

2. Use of steroidal medicine…

Due to excessive swelling in the joints, many doctors use this type of medicine for a few days in a patient with high uric acid,

So that the patient gets a lot of benefits,

But this medicine should also be consumed only with the advice of your doctor, otherwise, there can be many types of side effects you have to face.

In addition to all these medicines, there are certain types of medicines like…

Allopurinol– Zyloric brand name most popular medicine…

Probenecid(primary uricosuric drugs)


Colchicine etc. is used continuously for several months in a patient with high uric acid,
There is no doubt about the efficacy of these medicines.

How is increased uric acid-treated in Ayurveda?

The increase of uric acid in Ayurveda is called Vata-rakt and,
For this treatment, first of all, the Prakriti of the patient has to be determined properly.
Accordingly, the correct decision of his diet is possible,
Only an Ayurveda expert can do this work,

Therefore, the patient of Vata-rakt should consult with an Ayurveda expert,
This type of disease is completely treated in Ayurveda,
For this, first, the body of the patient has to be modified(sanshodan karm),
Panchakarma etc. is used to make amends according to the Prakriti of the patient,

Once corrected, the patient’s disease is quenched with the help of diet and medicines,

Treating this way yields true results.

Some important Ayurvedic classical yogas used in Gout…

Vataraktantak rasa,
Panchtikt ghrita,
Amrita guggul,
Kaishore Guggul,
Panchikitta-Ghrit Guggul,
Punarnavadi guggul etc

Easy Ayurvedic home remedies to cure high uric acid…


1. Carom seeds water…

For this, put one tablespoon of Carom seeds (about 10 to 15 grams) in a glass of water and keep it at night,
In the morning, on an empty stomach, sieve and drink that water,
By doing this continuously for about 20 to 30 days, uric acid starts to decrease and,
relief in joint pain also starts.

2. Ginger sauce…
For this, you have to take a little ginger and add half to one teaspoon of carom seeds to it and make the sauce.

uric acid food to avoid

You have to use it in your diet every day, by doing this, the increased uric acid is reduced in a few days,

Apart from this, there are many medicines in Ayurveda whose intake helps a lot in reducing the increased uric acid,


3. Using turmeric every day…

uric acid food to avoid
Using turmeric

Turmeric contains an element called curcumin,

Which along with reducing inflammation of our joints, also cures many diseases,

It also enhances our immunity.

uric acid food to avoid

4. Use of Garlic…

You should use garlic in your diet every day, it also reduces inflammation of joints and,
Garlic is very effective in removing any type of vata(joint pains) disease.

5. Use of Boswellia serrata…

It is an Ayurvedic herb that has been used successfully for thousands of years in many types of joint diseases, nowadays many types of its company brands are available in the market and,

Any patient can easily consume them after consultation with an Ayurvedic expert.

Nowadays, it is also being used in modern medicine.

6. Giloy’s juice…

uric acid food to avoid
Giloy’s juice

Consuming two teaspoons of Tinospora cardifolia juice three times a day helps a lot in reducing the increased uric acid,
For this, take fresh Giloy and its juice is easily prepared at home by adding a little water in a juicer grinder,
Giloy juice from the market becomes insignificant due to not being fresh.

7. Use of Haritaki Churna…

Taking 3 grams of powder of Indian hog plum in the morning and 3 grams in the evening with lukewarm water for 20 to 30 days continuously provides relief in increased uric acid,
Adding an equal amount of jaggery with Haritaki Churna increases the benefit even more,
Haritaki is also called the King of Medicine in Ayurveda because of its many advantages.

8. Powder of Gokhru and Giloy…

Take both these herbs in equal quantity and make powder of them,

Taking one teaspoon in the morning and one teaspoon in the evening for a few days provides relief in increased uric acid.

9. Powder of Neem, Giloy, Malabar nut, and Long-pepper…

Make the powder by taking an equal quantity of these four herbs and,
Consuming 2 grams of this powder in the morning and 2 grams in the evening with lukewarm water for a few days provides great benefit in controlling the increased uric acid.

10. Use of Lemonade…

uric acid food to avoid

Drinking lemon in a glass of fresh water in the morning on an empty stomach is very beneficial in removing uric acid from the body,
Consumption of aloe vera juice and amla juice is also very beneficial in hyperuricemia,
While using all these ayurvedic home remedies, take care of your dietary and adopt a healthy lifestyle, you will get the right benefit only by doing so.

How is increased uric acid-treated in homeopathy?

There are many medicines to cure uric acid in homeopathy,

You can take these medicines correctly after consulting any homeopathic expert,

In homeopathy, the medicine changes depending on the symptoms,
Suppose there is swelling in the joints of someone’s toes, then the medicine will be different for that,
If someone has pain in the neck or pain in the joints of the hand, the medicine will be different if one has pain along with it,
If the frequency of urination is more then its medicine will also be different,
Therefore, you should not get confused and if you want to get homeopathic treatment, then you should visit a homeopathic specialist,

Here I am telling you the name of some homeopathic medicines,
You can take these medicines because these types of medicines do not have any side effects on the body…

1. Benzoicum Acidum…

Taking 30 potency of it, you have to take two drops in the morning and two drops in lukewarm water in the evening,
It should also be consumed directly on the tongue for fifteen consecutive days,

And after that your uric acid level should be checked,

Keep in mind that whenever you take this medicine, do not eat anything half an hour ahead or before it.
With the use of this medicine, it is possible to treat diseases like uric acid and arthritis.
Other homeopathic medicines for gout…
1. Berberis pentarkan… its 2 tabs can be taken 3 times a day or,

2. Urtica urenus Q Mother TINCTURE… You can also take 20 drops three times a day in half a glass of water,

To get the right results of these medicines, it is necessary to consume them continuously for at least 7 to 6 months.


In my opinion, a healthy lifestyle should be adopted to control uric acid and,
Drugs such as alcohol, beer, vodka, etc. should not be consumed, along with this,
One should do light exercise of 2 hours in a week and should avoid the consumption of non-vegetarian as much as possible,
And water should be used in maximum quantity daily,

Uric acid is a type of acid, so avoid the consumption of substances that increase acidity in our body,

By doing this, uric acid is controlled without any medicine,
If you still have any kind of advice, you can contact us on the mail ID given below,
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Because I have explained to you in detail here about uric acid: causes, symptoms, normal levels, treatment, and food tips read it carefully and take advantage of it.


The content of this article is not intended as an alternative to professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Always seek medical advice for any query regarding a medical condition.
Do not attempt to treat yourself, your child, or anyone else without proper medical supervision.

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uric acid food to avoid

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