what cause cystic acne

what cause cystic acne

1 Introduction…
1.4 What causes acne?


what cause cystic acne and whatever is the best treatment around the world to cure them of the root,

I will tell you all about them very well,
All the medicines I have given you to cure  pimples from the root,
Home remedies and abstinence have to be taken care of very well,

Because correct diagnosis, right diet, and proper diet are necessary to cure any disease,
In this subject, it is very important for you to know firstly,
After all, what exactly are these pimples or acne?

What are pimples?

We have thousands of short hairs on our face,
And around these hairs, there are very fine tubes in the skin through these tubes, the oil which is made in our skin,
It comes up on the skin surface and protects the skin surface from dryness,
Along with this, the roots of hair follicles are also protected from dryness.

What is the Sebaceous gland?

This oil continues to form in our skin every moment and its skin gets many benefits,

To make this oil, our skin has some special oil-making glands,
Which are called sebaceous glands,

When the path of this oil gets blocked due to any reason, it cannot reach the surface of our skin properly,
And the skin begins to gather in the surrounding tubes of hair,
This happens many times because the cells that are in our skin start to obstruct the path of this oil,
Sometimes due to the thickness of the facial hair or the oil, oil glands are forming in the skin,
Due to the thickness of that oil, this route also gets blocked,
That is why the oil starts collecting in the surrounding tubes of the hair because the oil continues to form in the skin,
It never stops being made,
Many types of bacteria start to grow in this stagnant oil, these bacteria remain normal on our skin,

Inflammation occurs at that place due to the growth of bacteria,
And sometimes due to increasing infection, plus also starts at that place,
We call it Pimples or Acne, there are many types of it,

What are whiteheads and blackheads?

Many times the follicles appear white due to the closure of the holes, they are called whiteheads,
When these whiteheads come over the skin, due to exposure to air, they start to darken,
They are called Blackheads,
In Ayurveda, the cause of  pimples is believed to be due to an imbalance of Vata pitta or Kapha doshas,
It is said in Ayurveda that due to the imbalance of pitta and phlegm defects, the diet cannot digest properly in the body,
Due to which many types of toxins  start forming in our blood,
Due to which many types of small eruptions appear on the face, those are called pimples.

What causes acne?

Due to these, I have explained some above,
Apart from this, there are many reasons why these pimples or pimples start to grow.

1. Hormonal changes…

When any boy or girl reaches adolescence, many types of hormones are produced in their body,
Which are called Androgen,
These hormones directly affect the dermis of the skin,
Due to which these oil glands secrete more and more oil and due to this, pimples  start to grow,
That’s why most pimples occur at the age of youth.

2. In pregnancy…

Similarly, during pregnancy too, there is an imbalance of many types of hormones in the body,
Due to the imbalance of the characteristic estrogen and progesterone hormones,
Oil-glands or oil glands secrete more and more oil,
Due to which the problem of pimples and pimples increases even in pregnant women.

3. Due to lack of water in the body…

Lack of water in the body, also known as dehydration,
Due to this, the problem of pimples or acne increases in many people,
Because it is very important to use the appropriate amount of water every day to keep the skin moist,

4. Irregular menstrual cycle…

Nowadays, irregularity in menstruation is found in many women and it has been observed that,
The problem of having pimples in such women increases, it is also due to the imbalance of hormones.

5. Bacterial infections…

Many types of bacterial infections occur on the face due to not taking proper care of the face,
And these infections further exacerbate the problem of pimples,
So you should take care of your face properly.

6. Stress-induced…

Stress hormones are produced in excessive amounts in the body due to excessive mental stress,
Due to this, an increase in pimples is also observed. One such research has found that,
Mental anxiety or discomfort does not cause pimples. Yes, if someone already has pimples
So this problem is aggravated by mental anxiety problem,

7. Obstruction in sebaceous gland route…

Due to increased skin cells or due to the consistency of the oil,
Or the follicles are sometimes closed due to the thickness of the hairs,
Due to which the passage of oil is blocked,
Due to which many types of pimples are started on the face.

8. Causes of oral contraceptive pills…

A few days after starting the birth control pills or a few days after discontinuing these pills,

In many women, there is a problem of pimples, it is also due to a type of hormone imbalance.

9. Hereditary causes…

Pimples are more common in people whose history is found in their family,
This means that people whose parents or grandparents, etc., had or had a problem with acne,
This problem may be more in those people.

10. Due to Cosmetic products…

There are many types of cosmetic substances available in the market nowadays, which have a high amount of oil or grease,
And by consuming excessive amounts of such substances on the face, these close the skin pores,
Due to which the problem of pimples  increases in many women,
This is the most common reason nowadays.

11. By touching or pressing…

If someone has a problem with pimples  and repeatedly pushes or presses these pimples,
Due to this, the pimples become more extreme and,
Many types of scars are left on the face,
Those who are never well, so do not touch or suppress the pimples.

12. Intake of inaccurate diet…

A major cause of skin disease in Ayurveda is against diets,
An opposite diet means diets that should not be consumed together,
Like salt intake with milk, milk intake with fish, honey intake with ghee, etc.
In addition to pimples, these can cause a number of serious skin diseases.

13. Consuming more spicy and fried foods…

Foods with more chili spices or more fried dishes like fritters,

what cause cystic acne
don’t eat fried foods

Do not eat fried food,
Or nonveg-diet such as chicken, mutton, etc. due to excessive production of body heat,

It is common to have pimples on the face,
Especially in summer, many people consume mangoes due to which they get pimples on their face,
In Ayurveda, it is considered to be the cause of the growth of Pitta dosha,
Apart from all these reasons, many women also have Pimples or pimples due to PCOD problems.

Symptoms and Types of pimples…

There are no special symptoms of pimples, in this case, small red-colored pimples occur on the face,
Sometimes these pimples hurt and,

Due to bacterial infection, they also cause pus (pus-filled eruptions),
Whiteheads appearing due to the closure of hair follicles,
After the opening of hair holes, the conversion of whiteheads to blackheads,

Solid red pain lumps appear on the face,
Painful and pus-filled lumps on the face (Cystic lesions),
Small papules,
Pimples are more commonly found on the face, especially on the forehead, on the cheeks, on the top of the back, on the shoulders, or on the chest.

What are the complications due to acne or pimples?

The most common of the major complications from pimples is…
# Unremovable stains on the face…

If pimples are not treated properly,
Many patients have scar marks on their face such as,
Pitted skin, especially on the cheeks
Apart from this, the embossed skin also becomes especially on the cheeks (Keloids) at some places.
It destroys the beauty of the face,
Due to which lack of confidence in many women or men, along with low confidence, a feeling of inferiority is generated,
Apart from this, the skin of the place where there are pimples either goes black (Hyper-pigmentation),
Or it causes Hypo-pigmentation,

Apart from this, if the pustules are rubbed more and more,

So sometimes very severe skin infections (Boils) can also occur.

How can pimples be avoided? (Precautions)

By the way, acne is a common thing and all people have to face this problem almost in their life,
Someone has less problem, someone has more problem, so it is impossible to stop acne,
But following a few rules, changing your diet house, improving your routine,
To get rid of pimples to a great extent, you have to pay attention to the following things…

1. Select cosmetic product carefully…

People who have oily skin and people who are more likely to get acne,
If such people use any cosmetic product, then
Before buying it, it is necessary to have a non-comedogenic written on it,

This is because this type of product does not contain oils or fats etc.
Due to which the pores are not closed, due to which there is no increase in acne, always remember this thing,

2. Don’t burst pimples…

If there have been pimples and there have been many types, please do not break them with hands or fingers,
Do not press, nor pierce it with a needle, nor rub it,
By doing this, many types of scar marks remain at the place which makes it almost impossible to treat,

3. Use a mild cleanser…

A person with acne should wash his face twice a day with a mild cleanser,
Especially when you do some exercise after that use a mild cleanser to clean the sweat from the face,
And after that wipe the face comfortably with soft or soft towels. Remember do not rub the face with towels,

You should never use any strong chemical-containing soap.

4. Must use Toner…

what cause cystic acne
Natural Toner

Use natural toner
After cleansing the face with a mild cleanser, you can use toner on the face with the help of cotton,
By doing this, the pores are cleaned properly,
And all the dirt in it is removed,
Due to which pimples or pimples are greatly reduced, good toners are found in the market nowadays,
Additionally, make some changes in your daily life such as…

5. Minimize the consumption of non-veg…

Whoever is suffering from pimples,
He should consume a very limited quantity of mutton, chicken, or pork in his diet,
Especially not to do at all during the summer days,

Because such substances are very hot due to which the pit dosha in the body grows,
And there are many types of skin related problems,

Sweating also causes an excessive intake of these and many times a person does not clean the sweat properly,
Due to which there is always the risk of infections, many types of boils, pimples, etc.

6. Eat more green vegetables and fruits…

 what cause cystic acne
Eat greens

Green vegetables or fruits are rich in many vitamins and minerals,
Eat salad,
They should be consumed as much as possible every day, and their intake of vitamin C reaches the body in sufficient quantity,
Which is very useful to remove many types of skin problems,
For this, you must eat fruits like lemon, orange, kiwi, apple, amla, etc. in your diet.
Consuming all these fruits and vegetables increases immunity in the body,
Due to which no diseases, especially skin diseases, come close.

7. Drink more water…
what cause cystic acne
Drink more water

A person suffering from pimples should drink more and more water in their daily routine,
Drink more water,
This clears the blood and toxic substances are released from the body through urine,
The clearer the blood, the clearer your skin will be, and
Humidity will remain in it, so drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day,

8. Minimize the intake of sugar …

what cause cystic acne
Say no to sugar

We have noted in daily clinical practice that people who consume sweets in excessive amounts,
They have more acne problem,
So you need to keep away from sugar or more sweet substances, especially when you are suffering from acne,

9. Eat Omega 3…

For this, you should consume different types of seeds, such as chia seeds,

Petha seeds, peanuts or almonds, etc. are very rich in omega 3 these seeds,

what cause cystic acne
Avoid cold drinks

Which is very beneficial for our skin, remember one thing, you have to consume these seeds in a limited quantity.
In addition, you
Many types of junk food from the market such as pizza, burgers, pastries, etc. should be avoided.
Don’t drink cold drink,

You should also avoid ice cream.

Additionally, to avoid acne, you should not massage your face or don’t do any facial,
There is a risk of the pimples growing,
Apart from this, you should not smoke or consume alcohol, it also increases acne.
The most important thing is that any face-wash you use should not be oil-based,

Rather, the water base should be,

Apart from this, the intake of steroidal medicines should be minimized.
It has been seen in many patients that,

Due to the consumption of steroidal medicine in excess, many types of skin eruptions occur on the back and on the face.

How is acne treated in modern medical science?

There are many medicines in modern medical science that treat pimples successfully,
For this, you should consult your dermatologist and treat them.
Here I am giving you information about the major modern allopathic medicines used in acne,

Please use them properly and take advantage of these medicines as follows …

1. Benzoyl Peroxide …

This product kills acne-enhancing bacteria,
At the same time, excessive oil removes what happens on the skin,

Along with this, it also removes dead skin,

Therefore, it is a very good product for the treatment of acne, you can use it in mild concentration,

It is available in the market at a concentration of 2.5 to 10%,

You should keep in mind that you may have some side effects from using it,
Such as reddening of the skin, scabbing, excessive skin whitening, etc.
All these side effects are seen mostly in people whose skin is highly sensitive,
Therefore, people with more sensitive skin should use it with the advice of their doctor,
It does not cause any problem in most people and you can use it continuously,

Just keep in mind that the light concentration should start at 2.5% in the beginning.

2. Salicylic Acid …

It is also very useful to treat acne, it removes dead skin,
And prevents the pores from closing, it is used in a concentration of 0.5% to 5% percent,
One thing to keep in mind is that,

Do not use salicylic acid with a concentration greater than 5% percent without medical advice.

This puts your skin at risk of burns,

It is also found in  disprin tablets,

That’s why many people use Disprin’s pill to cure acne.

3. Alpha hydroxy acid …

There are two types of products in it, such as glycolic acid and lactic acid.

Both of these remove dead skin,

And help in the formation of new skin, as well as the pores, prevent the pores from closing,
They are also used to treat acne,
The special thing about them is that these products also reduce the inflammation of the skin and they are almost safe.

4. Use of Sulfur …

 Sulfur is used in many types of skin diseases, in Ayurveda, it is called gandhak,

it removes dead skin and exfoliate the skin,

This can cause some dryness in the skin, so use it carefully,
These four products are used to treat acne,

If you have any confusion,

what cause cystic acne
acne treatment

The right advice for you is to start treating your acne with Benzoyl peroxide.
And also take the concentration to a minimum, that is, start at 2.5%,

Many times it has been observed that using very low concentration give very good results,
Which do not result from using products with high concentration,

One thing to keep in mind in this is that,

After a few days of continuous use, if you are not benefiting, then gradually increase its concentration,

And if you have Stubborn acne,

You can also use more than one of the above products,

While doing this, you should apply one product during the day and the other at night, you will definitely benefit from it.

5. Topical and oral retinoids …

The most commonly used drug for curing acne is retinoids.
It comes in two types, one is consumed through the mouth and the other is in the form of cream applied on the skin,

These should be consumed according to the advice of your doctor or else there can be many types of side effects,

Such as redness of the skin, swelling of the skin or excessive irritation, etc.
topical use retinoids are safer than oral retinoids,

Examples are such as Tretinoin, Isotretinoin, etc.

6. Azelaic acid …

It is also used to treat pimples. This drug is also very safe in nature.

7. Antibiotic applied to the skin …

One of the causes of acne is also believed to be a bacterial infection,
That’s why many types of antibiotic creams are used to treat acne on the skin,
They have very good results,

Examples are Clindamycin, Metronidazole, Neomycin, etc.

8. Antibiotics for oral use…

Apart from this, many types of  antibiotics are also consumed through the mouth,

Consuming them makes a lot of difference in pimples, some examples of them are such as …

1. Erythromycin
2. Roxithromycin
3. Doxycycline
4. Cefadroxil
5. Dapsone etc.

9. Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) …

Many modern allopathic medicines are very effective in reducing acne inflammation,
Consuming them gives a lot of comfort to your acne in a few days,

Along with this, these medicines also reduce pain,

And it is also very beneficial in curing pimples, some examples of these are such as …

1. Diclofenac sodium
2. Serratiopeptidase
3. Ibuprofen

4. Naproxen etc.

Modern equipment to remove pimples and black and whiteheads …

Over time, new research is being done in modern medical science,
Therefore, the latest technology is available nowadays to treat many types of diseases,
Similarly, a variety of tools are available in the market to remove acne, pimples or blackheads, whiteheads,
Some of these you can use yourself at home,

But some tools should be used only according to the advice of a dermatologist. These tools are as follows…

1. BESTOPE’s Blackhead and Acne Removal Device …

what cause cystic acne
acne home treatment

You will get this tool online or from the market,

With the help of this,
You can easily remove your facial  pimples and blackheads, whiteheads, blemish from your face,
For this, you have to follow some guidelines carefully,

All the necessary guidelines are written with this tool, so you read them carefully and follow them.

2. Derma Suction Removal of Blackheads and Whiteheads…

what cause cystic acne

It is also called facial vacuum cleaner,
Because it pulls out facial acne, blackheads, and whiteheads like a vacuum cleaner,
You will get this tool easily online,
Along with this, necessary guidelines are written and,

You can use it by reading these guidelines carefully, it will definitely benefit you.

3. Hydra facial skin treatment …

what cause cystic acne
Hydra facial skin treatment machine

This is a special type of machine that is used only by dermatologists,
Facial  pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads are treated very well with the help of this machine,
In addition, this machine also successfully treats wrinkles on the face,
There are many tools in this machine,
With the help of this machine, as the age of the skin is reduced drastically,

It all depends on the experience of your dermatologist,
The cost of getting treatment with this device is slightly higher, so this treatment is not possible for every patient,

But if we talk about the results then the results are very good,

apart from this,
Phototherapy, chemical peel, and injections of steroids are also used to cure acne.
Injections of steroid medicines are used in the development of enlarged pimples (Cystic-Acne),

Or it is done in Noduler type of acne, all of this can be treated by a doctor of the skin.

Remember the special thing…
The most important thing in treating acne is that you have to be patient during treatment,

Because pimples take at least 2 to 3 months to heal,

And during this time, the suffering of many people increases even more,
This does not mean that your medicine is not working,

It is often seen that different results of each product are found in each person’s skin,

So do not worry, be patient, you will definitely get the benefit,
One thing you must always remember in treating acne is that each person has different skin,
Somebody’s skin is oily skin, one’s skin is dry skin,
And someone’s skin is a mixed type,

Your doctor advises you to use the right product according to your skin.

Home remedies to cure acne from the root …

Many types of home remedies have been used for thousands of years to cure pimples from the root,

Some of these important tips are as follows…

1. Neem leaves juice …

what cause cystic acne

For this, you have to take some fresh neem leaves and extract the juice from them,

For this, a few drops of water can also be mixed with the leaves,
This juice should be applied to the pimples twice a day with the help of cotton.
By doing this, the pimples will disappear in a few days,
Neem is used a lot in Ayurveda for skin diseases,
Nowadays, neem capsules and pills are also used for treating skin diseases.

2. Use of Cumin …

For this, you have to take some home-use cumin,
And make a paste by adding some water to it,
Then this paste has to be applied on the pimples,
And after half an hour, washing the face with lukewarm water, by doing this for a few days continuously, pimples are cured.

3. Nutmeg removes acne …
The use of nutmeg is the most successful way to remove acne, we have seen in thousands of patients,
For this, you have to take a nutmeg which you will get easily from the grocer,

what cause cystic acne

Then rub it on the stone with two to three drops of milk and make a paste of it,
Then with the help of a finger, apply this paste on the pimples where there are pimples,
You can also apply it at night and the next morning you have to wash the face with lukewarm water,
Use it continuously for a few days, this will help you to cure acne.

4. Turmeric cures pimples…

Turmeric has been used successfully for thousands of years in Ayurveda for skin diseases,

what cause cystic acne

it is very effective due to its bactericidal, germicidal properties,
For this, you have to make a paste by mixing a little cow’s milk or water in one teaspoon of turmeric,
And to apply that paste on pimples,
After half an hour the face has to be washed with clean water by doing this continuously for a few days,
We have often seen in our patients that their pimples get cured.

5. Mint juice …
Applying the juice of mint leaves on pimples ends the burning sensation in pimples,

And get quite cold.

For a few days, using it continuously, the pimples begin to heal, this is an easy home recipe.

6.Take Multani Mitti to remove pimples…

For this, take two spoons of Multani mitti powder, mix one teaspoon of rose water in it,
And make a paste by mixing 5 to 7 drops of lemon juice,
Apply this paste on the face and after some time wash the face with clean water after about half an hour,
This will give you great benefit in getting rid of pimples,
Multani mitti also helps reduce excess oil on the face,
Along with this, you should also remember that do not use any external cream during the use of this recipe,
You can clean the face by applying rose water on cotton if required at the most,
Using this recipe, you can see a lot of difference in pimples in just 5 to 7 days,

We have cured many patients with the help of this home remedy.

7. Remove Pimples by Baking Soda…
Take one to two spoons of baking soda and add some water and make a paste, apply this paste on the face and,
After a few minutes wash the face with lukewarm water, do this 1-2 times a week.
To get even better results, you will have 5 to 7 drops of lemon juice in this paste,

You can also add a pinch of cinnamon powder, use it twice a week,

By doing this, the skin pores open and the skin improves as well as the dead skin is removed.

8. Lemons’ remove acne …

1. Add a few drops of lemon juice to half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and make a paste,

what cause cystic acne
Lemon cure acne

Apply on the pimples area and wash the face after half an hour, by doing this regularly, the pimples are cured.

2. Dry the lemon peel in the shade and make its powder,

After that, make a paste by mixing one teaspoon gram flour in two teaspoons of lemon peel powder,
Apply this paste on pimples or facial spots, wash the face after half an hour,
By doing this for a few days, pimples or facial spots also get cured.

3. Rub lemon slices on your face very well before taking a bath and after that take a bath, it also gives a lot of relief to acne.

4. Mixing glycerin in lemon juice and applying it on face pimples is also very beneficial.

5. After heating the milk, take a spoon of the cream that is on it,

Apply a few drops of lemon juice to the cream and apply on your face pimples. Doing this also gives relief to pimples.

6. Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric and half a teaspoon of lemon juice in a bowl and add one teaspoon of lukewarm water to it,

After that add two pinches of salt, heat this mixture and apply it on your face, and wash it after a while when it dries,

So wash the face by doing this twice a week, it will give relief to all the pimples,  birthmarks, and spots.

Note …
All these home remedies have been used successfully for many years to treat pimples,
Remember there is no solid scientific research behind them yet, but still,
You can use them at home to treat your acne.

What is the treatment of acne in homeopathy?

There are many types of medicines in homeopathy that are used successfully in the treatment of pimples,
Some examples are written below for this,
You can use them on the advice of any homeopathic expert,
These medicines are mostly safe and do not have any specific side effects.

These are as follows…

Kali Brom-30,
Berberis Aquifolium- Q,
Asteria Rubens-30,
Carbo Veg-30,
Hepar Sulph-30,
Nat Mur-30,
Sang Can,

Hydrocotyl etc.

One thing to remember in homeopathic treatment is that in this treatment the medicine changes depending on the symptoms,
For example, if someone’s pimples are without pus then the medicine will be different,
If they are without pus, then the medicine will be different,
Apart from this, which drug will have more effect depending upon according to many different symptoms,

Only a homeopathic doctor can prescribe this.

Best company brands to remove pimples without a doctor’s prescription…

Nowadays there are many types of very high-quality creams available in the market,
Which you can easily use at home without consulting the doctor,
They do not have any side effects and they have a very successful contribution in the treatment of acne,

You can buy these products from the market or can buy them online, some examples are written below…

what cause cystic acne

1. Biotique-Bio -Winter -Green -Spot -Correcting -Anti-Acne -Cream For Oily & Acne-Prone Skin…

what cause cystic acne
Himalaya -herbals -Acne-n-Pimple

2. Himalaya -herbals -Acne-n-Pimple -cream-Ayurvedic…

 what cause cystic acne
Sebamed- clear -Face-care -Gel

3. Sebamed- clear -Face-care -Gel…

what cause cystic acne
Lotus herbals

4. Lotus herbals -Professional -Phyto-Rx -Anti -Blemish -creme…

what cause cystic acne
Jovees -Ayurveda

5. Jovees -Ayurveda -Neem & Long -Pepper- Anti- Acne, and Pimple- cream…

6. . Dr-Batra’s Natural -Anti-acne -cream

7. Natio-Acne -clear Day -daily -Repair -Oil -Free -Moisturiser


what cause cystic acne
Khadi-Herbal -Acne- Pimple- cream

8. Khadi-Herbal -Acne- Pimple- cream…

what cause cystic acne
Shahnaz -Husain -Shaclove

9. Shahnaz -Husain -Shaclove…

What is the treatment of pimples marks?

There are many creams available in the market to treat acne scars,
Applying these creams may make acne spots slightly lighter but not quite right,
For this, you will have other options like…
Chemical peel –
In which the skin’s acne spots are treated by removing the top layer of the skin by acid,

apart from this…

Skin Surgery-
Use of laser technology
Skin stains can be treated with tissue filler techniques, etc.

For this, you should consult your dermatologist and get your treatment done.

Conclusion …

In my opinion, you should use the above-mentioned home remedies to treat your acne,
Along with this, it should be kept in mind that never press the pimples by hand, 
As well as eat a balanced diet,
Do not consume junk food pizza, burgers, pastries, sugar, cold drinks, etc.
Always keep your stomach clean and treat constipation, and
If there is a pain in acne, start a mild antibiotic according to your doctor’s opinion,
Just by doing this, your acne will make a big difference in a few days.
I have given a full detailed description of the cause and symptoms of acne treatment here,

If you still need to consult us, you can contact us at the mail ID given below,

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The content of this article is not intended as an alternative to professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Always seek medical advice for any query regarding a medical condition.
Do not attempt to treat yourself, your child, or anyone else without proper medical supervision.

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what cause cystic acne

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