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TROLLEY SUITCASE-BEST SUITCASE: A luggage trolley is an object with wheels that you use to transport luggage, for example in an airport.

  • These stylish trolley bags are very strong, amazing features like security lock are available.
  • Trolley Bags If you want to buy a trolley bag for traveling, then you can check the list of these bags available on Amazon. Their price is very economical. Also, these Trolley Bags are strong and stylish.
  • Trolley bags are the best for your travel. You get wheels with these bags, with the help of which you can carry the bag easily. These bags have a huge role to play in making your journey auspicious.
  • These bags are very sturdy, so you can carry them on the flight without worrying. There are many options available online.

 It is very easy to carry this bag, child  and old person can also carry this bag easily.

3 sizes are available in trolley bag 

  • 1 Short
  • 2 Medium
  • 3 Long


These bags have different features which are shown below… 


  • LIGHTWEIGHT & INDUSTRY BEST STORAGE: Capacity: The Cabin: 41L, Weight: 3.27 Kg The Check-in Medium: 71L, Weight: 4.6 Kg The Check-in Large: 100L, Weight: 5.25 kg Dimension: Cabin: 57.8cm, 37cm, 22.8cm Check-in: 68.5cm, 44cm, 27cm Check-in Large: 79cm, 51cm, 31cm;
  • SILENT RUN JAPANESE WHEEL TECHNOLOGY: Number of wheels: 8, Super Smooth Hinomoto Wheels.

THE MOST FEATURE RICH LUGGAGE: USB Port: 1, Powerbank not included ( available in The Cabin Luggage only), Lock Type: TSA Number Lock, Internal Compression pad with linear straps that press down clothes to create more space, Comes with magic eraser, Dust Bag & Laundry Bag

  • MORE REASON TO LOVE YOUR MOKOBARA: Warranty Type: 6 Years, Register warranty on (, Personalisation available, get in touch with us @7975298840 (10:30AM – 5:30PM MON-FRI)

Lock Type: Combination Lock; Color Name: Ocean Sunray (Limited Edition)-BEST SUITCASE

Best quality bags i have ever seen in my life….

Mokobara Brand Video


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