how to lose weight naturally at home best tips

how to lose weight naturally at home best tips

45 best Ways to Lose Weight Naturally {Backed by Science}


how to lose weight naturally at home best tips
how to lose weight naturally at home best tips

To better understand how to lose weight naturally at home best tips, First of all, you understand there are more than 3000 crore fat cells present in an average human being. They spread throughout our body. The body stores fat in these cells. The size of these cells is variable depending upon the amount of fat collected inside them.
The number of fat cells also increases day by day. After increasing weight, when their size increases beyond their limit, they are divided into new fat cells to hold more fat.
Once new fat cells are created it is not possible or very difficult to destroy them. That is why when your weight increases it is very difficult to reduce it. You must follow how to lose weight naturally at home best tips to get guaranteed results.

Some important points you must know…

  • An overweight person whose BMI is more than 35 and the waistline is more than 45 it is very difficult to control the storage of fat in the fat cells.
  • When you are in a young stage, during the age of 20, eating does not have a significant effect on your body, it is because your metabolic rate is high at that time and your weight can also decrease quickly with simple efforts.
  • Diet control can also cause adverse effects on your health for weight loss after the age of thirty years because your metabolism is slowing day by day.
  • Most of the time, Individuals who are short in height are getting obese sooner than those of tall stature body.
  • Diet control does not mean that you stop eating the food of your choice. This only means that you reduce your total food intake means reducing your calorie intake daily.
  • Fibrous fruits and lettuce should be high in your diet to control your hunger and to get the nutrients and supplements required by the body. Sometimes you can also eat the food of your choice but quantity always matter.

How to lose weight naturally at home best tips described below:

How to lose weight naturally at home best tips

1. You should avoid high carbohydrate foods like sugarcane, sugarcane juice, maida(refined wheat flour), jaggery, sugar, grapes, mango, banana, Chiku(sapodilla), dates, raisins, etc. Because this food group has a high glycemic index and they spike insulin activity in the blood. Due to this, it is very difficult to lose weight.

2. There should be less salt, less sugar, and less grease(oil) in the food. Eat small amounts of salt, especially at night. It is because salt retains water and increase your water weight, sugar boost insulin activity and oils have a very high-calorie index.

3.You should include onion, garlic, lemon in your daily diet. Mixing a little juice of honey and lemon in warm water and drinking it on an empty stomach is very beneficial for weight loss. Ayurveda recommends drinking this mixture on empty stomach in the morning for weight loss.

You should also consume ginger and garlic because they not only reduce cholesterol but also removes the gas, reduces triglycerides, and reduces blood pressure. They also protect against cancer. You can lose weight surely by following how to lose weight naturally at home best tips.


How to lose weight naturally at home best tips

Do not consume food items such as sweets, cakes, ice cream, biscuits, sweet cookies, peppermint, chocolate, jam, alcohol. It is because the high glycemic index means high sugar content.

5. Make and eat a salad with or before food. You can use cucumber, radish, beet, carrot, onion, cabbage, lemon in the salad.

How to lose weight naturally at home best tips
salad for weight loss

By taking such salad you will take less quantity of food and it will also be helpful in digesting the food. There will also be no complaint of constipation. Because salads contain a high quantity of fiber that is very important for gut health.

6.Please avoid sleeping during the daytime. If you want to lie down after eating food, then lying in the left lateral position. It helps to digest food quickly and easily. 

7. You should use brown rice instead of ordinary white rice. It is because brown rice has a less glycemic index which helps in reducing weight. 

8.You should avoid the food that has been closed inside the tin containers by scientific harvesting processes.

How to lose weight naturally at home best tips

Because they contain a high-%age of fat and a more amount of salt and various chemicals are added to it to keep it longer. All these items increase your obesity very fast. If you use these kinds of products then it is almost impossible to lose weight even by following how to lose weight naturally at home best tips.

9. If you want to eat non-vegan food then you should select fish or simple chicken instead of mutton. It is because mutton is a type of red meat that increases your bad cholesterol(LDL). By using red meat in your diet you are at a high risk of dyslipidemia.

10. You should eat roasted tandoori chicken instead of butter or gravy chicken.

How to lose weight naturally at home best tips

It is because gravy or butter chicken has a lot of fat and has a very high-calorie index. It is due to the making procedure of butter or gravy chicken. So you must avoid it if you are serious to reduce your weight and must follow how to lose weight naturally at home best tips.

11. Most people think that they can eat less fatty food as much as they want. This fact is not right. Consumption of any kind of food in high quantity definitely increases the calorie intake and this leads to increase your weight.

12. Most people drink tea to reduce their hunger. But this does not benefit them because Sugar-rich tea has high calories.

How to lose weight naturally at home best tips

There are 20 calories present in one teaspoon of sugar(5gm) and milk also has a lot of calories. It means one medium cup of tea has almost 70 to 100 calories it depends upon the milk you are using. Because pure fat milk has a very high-calorie index.

Yes, you can drink tea absolutely sugar-free by adding two to three teaspoons of low fat or double toned milk in it.

You must add green tea to your daily routine to get maximum benefits. It is because green tea has a great role in weight reduction as well as contains a lot of nutritious elements. It also boosts your metabolism and reduces extra fat.

13.You should make plans to lose weight slowly but steadily, instead of losing a lot of weight, lose weight in small proportions. You should keep measuring your weight every week on empty stomach in the morning.

The weight of anyone should not be reduced by more than one kilo(2.20 pounds) a week. It is very healthy to lose weight slowly and if you are trying to reduce weight fastly it will definitely harm your health.

14. To reduce body fat and cholesterol,

How to lose weight naturally at home best tips

you should avoid the inner yellow part(egg yolk) of the egg and eat only the outer white part(lean protein part). It is because the inner part of the egg contains a lot of fat that increases your bad cholesterol(LDL) if you eat it regularly in high proportions.

15. Mint is very beneficial for weight loss, Mint chutney(sauce) can be used with food or it can be used in sandwiches instead of using butter. Mint tea is also helpful in cleansing the intestine and helps to relieve constipation.


How to lose weight naturally at home best tips

You should consume more and more tomatoes on daily basis. It is because tomato removes a lot of toxic substances and liquids from the body.
It also removes the undigested food from the intestine. Besides this tomato contains a lot of antioxidants plus LYCOPENE that is very beneficial for our body.

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17. You should use the simple buttermilk prepared at home after removing butter from milk.

How to lose weight naturally at home best tips

You can add a pinch of black salt or carom seed powder(Ajwain) to make it more delicious and healthy.

It is because buttermilk has a low quantity of carbohydrates and it contains calcium, vitamins and a lot of protein, and other nutritious elements.

Buttermilk definitely helps you to reduce weight. It is also one of the best options to control your hunger.

18. You should eat fruit and fruit juice and vegetable salads in place of normal daily routine foods like wheat, rice, sugar, etc once a week. Do not consume bread, milk or tea, etc on this day.

You can use cabbage, radish, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, apples, citrus fruits like oranges, kiwi, etc by spraying mild pink salt with lemon on it. This definitely helps you to reduce your weight and also clean your internal system. It also boosts your metabolism. Metabolism plays important role in weight reduction and you must have to boost it up to lose weight effectively. You also stick on how to lose weight naturally at home best tips to get better results.

19. Sometimes you think you are feeling hungry but actually, you don’t need to take food at that time. You should drink a glass of water, stop for 15-20 minutes and let your body decide that you are hungry or not. And after doing this if you still feel hungry then you should eat a little to calm your appetite.

20. You should soak a little number of black grams in the night by doing this, it will germinate in the morning. Taking these sprouted grams in the morning also helps to control weight. Black grams also have a lot of proteins and other very useful nutrients.

But remember you should use this in small quantities because it also has a lot of carbohydrates.

21. After dinner you should just go for a walk for easy digestion of your food. You also can do light jogging after dinner. It will definitely help you to control your weight.

22. Many people eat Rava idli that is made from semolina(SUJI) which has a high glycemic index. It is an illusion that semolina(suji) is a very light food to eat. You should take semolina(suji) idli made from rice instead of semolina. Similarly, plain or onion dosa is the best option instead of Rava dosa.

23.You should use jaggery(gud) instead of simple sugar in various kinds of homemade dishes. It is because jaggery has fewer calories than simple sugar and it also has iron and so many other nutritious elements.

If you want to eat some sweets then you should use jaggery instead of other sweet products. You can put a little jaggery piece in your mouth after eating. But you should use jaggery in very little quantity.


How to lose weight naturally at home best tips

You should take a bottle of water with you every time wherever you go.

You should drink a little water while driving, while working, during meetings, and while watching TV also. It is because drink more and more water definitely helps you to get rid of extra weight.

25. It is better to drink more water instead of coffee, soda, or other sweet beverages because water does not contain calories. It also eliminates a lot of toxins from your body and also maintains your hydration. Consumption of water depends upon your daily activities for example if you do exercise you need more water.

26. You should not take fried snacks with alcohol. You can take curd salad or vegetable salad with alcohol. An important point is you don’t take alcohol in large quantities. You can drink 30 to 50 ml of whisky weekly. It is better to avoid alcoholic beverages if you seriously want to reduce your weight.

How to lose weight naturally at home best tips

Because alcohol has neat calories without having any nutrition. It also causes a lot of other body problems like dyslipidemia, alcoholic liver diseases, etc.

27. You should drink plenty of water along with alcohol. It helps you to avoid extra calories generated by alcohol. Basically, you should avoid alcohol it is a big hurdle in weight loss.

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28. To stay permanently healthy and to lose weight, you should include exercise in your daily routine. You can do morning and evening walks after breakfast and dinner. Also do jogging, rope skipping, and a lot of various activities at home.

Must do yoga at home. By this method, you will burn extra calories that definitely help you to get rid of extra weight.

29. It is an illusion that more exercise leads to weight loss. Do exercises that are comfortable for you, for example jogging, walking, yoga, etc.

how to lose weight naturally at home best tips

These will be more effective for you. You should do mild to moderate intensity exercises instead of heavy intensity exercises like weight lifting bodybuilding etc. You must choose the right exercises for you along with must to follow how to lose weight naturally at home best tips.


how to lose weight naturally at home best tips

You should reduce daily caffeine intake to get better results in weight loss.

It is  Because caffeine increases the amount of insulin in the body, which reduces the combustion or burning of stored fat in the body.

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31. You should avoid the daily consumption of wheat bread because bread also has the same calories as wheat chapati.

how to lose weight naturally at home best tips

You can use multigrain flour to make chapati instead of bread. To make this flour you add many portions of cereal and grains like black grams, soybeans, millet and so many other grains in this flour. This flour helps you to reduce weight more effectively than wheat-made bread or chapati.

This type of multigrain flour is available in grocery stores or you can buy it online.

32. You should avoid Soft drinks because these are sweet poisons –

how to lose weight naturally at home best tips

These contain excessive amounts of sugar (10 teaspoons approximately in a 300 ml bottle).

It causes a sudden and rapid increase in the amount of glucose in your blood and due to this insulin spikes. So you should completely avoid these kinds of soft drinks like Pepsi,coca-cola, etc.

33. You should use Best Health Drinks like…
Green coconut water, fresh lemon water, cumin water, fresh fruit juice, fresh vegetable juice, low-fat yogurt lassi(buttermilk), low-fat milk, soy milk, etc instead of above mentioned soft drinks.

how to lose weight naturally at home best tips

Drinking coconut water is very beneficial because it reduces the amount of water and salt in the body and also contains a lot of other nutrients. Instead of soft drink beverages, eat fruit juice or buttermilk without adding sugar.

34. You should also avoid Diet soft drinks like diet coke, diet Pepsi, etc. It is because these drinks contain 9 to 15 (approximate value) tablets of artificial sugar that can cause liver damage and store water in the body, also damage memory and damage the hairs.

35. You should always Stay away from pickles. It is because all type of pickles contains a lot of oil and salt.

how to lose weight naturally at home best tips

Lemon and red or green chili pickles can be taken because they contain less oil in comparison to other pickles.

 You can Choose cabbage, lemon, or bitter gourd(KARELA) pickle instead of Taro root(arbi), jackfruit, and mango (starchy) pickle.

It is because more salt means more water retention in the body that increases your water weight and oils have a high-calorie index.

36.You should use healthy and low-calorie snacks prepared in Roasted form or in the Bakery instead of using fried salty(namkeen) snacks.

how to lose weight naturally at home best tips

You should use roasted papad instead of fry papad.

Avoid all types of salty(namkeen)snacks like bhujia, chips, potato fry, samosa, potato pie(aloo Tikki), cheese finger and so many other fried foods.

37.Instead of using Bundi Raita, you should use Raita made from vegetables like Cucumber Raita, Tomato Raita, Tomato-Onion Raita, Gheya Raita, Padina(mint) Raita, Brinjal Raita. Instead of pineapple raita, you can take pomegranate raita. These are used in small quantities to reduce weight.

38. You should eat Idli with curd or mint sauce instead samber(a type of south Indian dish), it is very healthy and has low calories.

39. One of the most important lessons of your life is to love yourself. If you love yourself, you will also try to look smart. You should lose weight not to please others, but to please yourself.

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40. You should always be happy.

how to lose weight naturally at home best tips
how to lose weight naturally at home best tips

Do not worry at all. It is an easy and adaptable method of weight loss.

It is because stress or anxiety leads to the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol in our body that leads to gain weight by insulin spiking. So always keep yourself happy to reduce weight.

41.You should Reduce the use of plain sugar in your diet. Because there are 4 calories in one gram of sugar and it spreads very fast in the body also spike insulin level that causes more weight gain.

42. The water has no calories, so drink water as much as you can. Do not drink water for half an hour before meals and after half an hour after the meal.

how to lose weight naturally at home best tips
water for weight loss

According to the ancient systems, one should drink half to one liter of water in the morning empty stomach and no substance (like tea, coffee, or milk) should be taken from half to one hour later. Drink water in a copper or silver glass and drink warm water.

43. You should eat fruits and vegetables with having a high quantity of fiber because fiber plays a great role in weight loss. You must avoid potato, sweet potato, taro root (arbi) like vegetables due to their high starch content. Starchy foods are not good in weight loss journeys.

44. You must avoid lubricating(oily) substances. If you are overweight then the best advice for you is that you should not take ghee(clarified butter), cream(malai) butter, things made up of oils, meat, butter chicken, etc at all.

how to lose weight naturally at home best tips
avoid butter

If necessary, use sunflower oil and corn oil, etc. Oiliness has a huge hand in increasing obesity. Digestive organs have to work very hard to digest fats and oils. After some time the body becomes unable to digest fats. These fats contain more than double the calories than protein and carbohydrates.

45. You should use skimmed milk(without malai) or low-fat milk like double-toned milk. It does not cause any loss of nutrients such as calcium, protein, vitamins. There are many types of low-fat milk available in the market today to prevent obesity. This is the best option to lose weight. You must follow how to lose weight naturally at home best tips for better results.

Best idea

If we eat 5 chapattis daily instead of 5 paranthas(aloo parantha, radish parantha, onion parantha, etc) then we can reduce more than 10 kg of fat in a year from our body. You should replace your parantha with simple multigrain flour chapati to get better results. This is the best and very effective way to reduce your weight naturally without doing much effort. You must follow how to lose weight naturally at home best tips to get guaranteed results.

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how to lose weight naturally at home best tips


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